An auditive guided home tour for curious and sensorial explorers.


In {extra} ORDINARY THINGS the makers Katarzyna and Helene take you on a sensorial journey through the nooks and crannies of your home. You are invited to explore, play with, shift and rediscover your closest surroundings. By following the guiding voices you actively participate in creating your own experience.

This auditive adventure navigates you through the inner and outer architecture of your house and your body. It opens up spaces where active remembering and listening result in refined ways of engaging. Everyday ordinary things turn into objects of wonder and shifts of perspectives encourage new associations and correlations, animating the life around us.   

This choreography of homescapes, somatic practises and anatomical and architectural landmarks stirs up a fantasy of what else can appear under closed eyelids. Are you in?

How can you make the best setup for yourself?

For the most beneficial experience you are asked to be in a home surrounding where you can freely explore and go through the journey. We will move around a little.

For an optimal listening comfort you need to have a good internet reception and wear a headset with a pleasant sound quality. Alternatively, a portable bluetooth or phone speaker will also make it work.

*hearing ability is necessary   Duration: 44 min


Artistic and Creative team:

Concept: Katarzyna Sitarz

Text and vocal performance:

Katarzyna Sitarz & Helene Jank

Dramaturgy and script editing: Eleonora Zdebiak

Graphic Designer: Ivana Đukić

Sound Design & Mixing : Helene Jank

Technical Assistance: Frans Baudoin

Distribution: Flyer Man


Supported by Stichting Droom en Daad



© {extra} ORDINARY THINGS 2021/22